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What is disability?

A disability can happen to anyone.  In an instant, your income could drop significantly.  Would you be ready if the unexpected happened?  According to the Disability Statistic Center in California, the most common disability include; Heart Disease, Back Problems, Asthma and Diabetes.

What is Disability Income Insurance?

Disability Income Insurance replaces a portion of earned income lost due to a disabling accident or illness.  Policies are designed to provide a monthly income to help pay for personal living expenses, such as mortgage payments, car payments, utilities or food. Policies can cover either Long Term Disability or Short Term Disability providing disability income.

What Disability Income Insurance can do for you.

Disability Income Insurance can play a significant role in financial planning and is different from social security disability.  Creating a steady income stream can be a person's most important asset.  It is vital to make sure that this asset is protected.

  • Disabilities are more likely than death during an individual's working years1
  • One of every two mortgage foreclosed is due to a disability2
  • The Social Security Administration denies about 50% of claims for Disability Benefits3
    1. Commissioners Individual Disability Table A
    2. National Safety Counsel Accident Facts, 2002
    3. 2001 JHA Disability Fact Book

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